A take on beginnings

“Where you movin?” I said , “Onto better things”


When I was a child , I vividly remember playing on the soft , soothing grass of the gracious Earth for hours together. The grass , especially after the rains and as a true pluviophile I was since my childhood , I absolutely loved the soft puddles of water splashing against my feet as I ran across the playground along with my friends and had a gala time.

Fast forward to a few years. Now I am a 16 year old , and it would be wrong if I do not say that I fail to remember the last time I played on the soft , bare grass , with the wind howling against my hair as I run and run on the grass , as jubilant and cheerful as ever. My childhood culminated with leaving me like a child at heart still. It ended in bittersweet memories and experiences. But I am still a child at heart and this new , rather alien I would say. This alien world now frightens me. The need to prove myself to everybody is no less than overwhelming. The need to prove myself is overwhelming .The ventures of the heart that ended in painful , bittersweet memories are overwhelming. The need to follow the crowd , to do what only seems to be told , is overwhelming.

So why does this change frighten me? Idealistically , we say that change is the essence of life . And it certainly is. But why do changes seem to frighten the child in me? Perhaps it is human nature I suppose , for we as humans tend to sometimes be afraid to take on new beginnings as the former , memories of the past , that have now ended , seemed familiar and comfortable to us regardless of whether the endings , the memories were jubilant , joyful ones or the ones of pain and agony. We are afraid to start anew , to start afresh , because this new change seems frightening and alien to us , something we are not familiar with and so much uncertain about.

 On more thinking I discovered that life cannot continue and an individual cannot survive , if he/she remains static and tethered to the past. When you were a young baby , held by the warm and nurturing arms of your mother who sang to you till you slept , you were protected immensely by the warmth of your parents. After a few years , you started walking and soon you started playing on the bare grass with your mates . Notice the transitions in the phases of your life , this is what a change is. And these keep on happening , sometimes unexpected and completely out of the blue , sometimes predictable , sometimes joyful and sometimes consumed with pain and sorrow.

So how do I tell the child in me to take on the new beginnings, the new changes? I give a popsicle to that child , tell her to be cheerful as the way she is , tell her to radiate that innocence and purity she possess in all moments that life has to offer ; the best and the darkest ones, tell her that you need to remind yourself that courage is what lies deep within you , tell her to take on new beginnings and whatever life has to offer , for change , is the essence of life.